HSSE & Quality


QUALITY: For over 40 years, we have been improving customer satisfaction by understanding their changing needs and ensuring sound decision making based on proactive risk management.  This approach is based on sharing best practices and standardization all around the world. Our goal is to always deliver our products and assistance on time and within budget.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: For us safety is not just a goal but it is a part of our culture. In addition to being certified according to international standards, we go beyond simply complying with health safety and environmental regulations. Through continuous improvement, risk assessment and strict rules and procedures, we spread the concern for safety from top management down to every level of the company.

SECURITY: About safety, there can be no compromise. We have implemented a strong security culture that involves all our employees; we constantly monitor all forms of risk, we ensure that our people always benefit from the highest level of prevention and protection.

ENVIRONMENT: ITALVALV,  integrate Environmental Responsibility into our day-to-day life. Committed to strong environmental principles, we monitor our carbon footprint emission act to minimize the impact associated with our activities. For this reason ITALVALV 8 years ago installed a photovoltaic plant to reduce our emission.

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