ITALVALV has obtained the EAC, TP TC 032/2013 certification for its series of Butterfly Valves and Ball Valves. These are added to the TR TS 010/2011 for Seal Gas Boosters and for Seal Gas Filters. The EAC certification concerns goods exported to the Customs Union markets, which is a common economic area created in 2010 inspired by the European Union and which currently includes Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia (soon also Kirgizistan and Vietnam). The discipline of the 032/2013 certification is similar to those of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code, Division VIII Section 1 and 2, in the United States and the PED in the European Union, which is based on the requirements.

doc00016220180627143828ЕАЭС № RU Д-IT.НА10.В.00868